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Thaddeus Lowe On His “Rose Garden” Album

As Charles Norris starts to pack his bags to Norway for a Peter Cincotti tour, he gets a phone call from long time friend and bandmember of indie rockgroup Apophenia. Yep! I, Nadeem “deemy” Ahmed aka Thaddeus Lowe have finished recording my album in my home studio…

I needed a drummer and as of Wednesday, March 14th we entered Brandon Daniele’s Studio (Organ player for Adele’s drummer Derick Wright) together with Jason Norris running the session to track the drums there. Our Love Is Holy, The Carpenter’s Son, and Stars, They Aligned feature Charles Norris on drums!

Home Studio: This is the greatest freedom any artist can ask for when his medium is music. Owning a means to sculpting your art.

“I don’t think there will be another Thaddeus Lowe album as you know it, and that’s OK. I wrote these melodies and instrumentals years ago. The writing  has been a result of the relationship that essentially Illuminated me after a coming of age period in my life. I died a huge death before meeting her… I was looking at the child I grew up as, the young boy I was, and the young guy struggling to find his truth…

I set out on a grand journey. Meeting my wife,  was the eventual result of a series of answers to questions I set out to find. What I didn’t know was spiritually, there was going to be a lot accepting and letting go. The pain from the marrow of my soul, was all about in the letting go of learned fears. When I did, she was the divine feminine that reveled herself to me.

I felt as if I walked through the fire to become more centered in my heart… A task and tale so extensive I’ve written a book about it. (This journey will be expressed in a small booklet I’d love to give to my children one day)

But what I do have to give everyone, and soon, is an album.

This book of poems and short story’s is where I drew my inspiration to make an album from from a writers perspective. The cast of characters are the following…

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